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Photographic Maps of the Primates of Kenya and Tanzania

9 March, 2011 - 16:58

Photographic Maps of the Primates of Kenya and Tanzania (a tool for identification and conservation) is a project deve loped by the Eastern Africa Primate Diversity and Conservation Program (a long term research program based in Kenya).

The design and implementation of effective conservation measures for primates requires an efficient and accessible resource for the identification of species and subspecies. A total of 487 photographs (June 2010) on five on-line maps, called ‘Photographic Maps’ (or ‘PhotoMaps’), present the phenotypic characters for 15 species and 26 subspecies of primates at 82 sites in Kenya and Tanzania.

The PhotoMaps provide a ‘living’ collection of photographs. More photographs will be uploaded as they become available. PhotoMaps are a practical tool for documenting and discussing primate diversity, taxonomy, biogeography, distribution and conservation status and, therefore, for developing and implementing actions for primate conservation.

The use of photographs to document phenotypic characters will become increasingly important as the collection of specimens for hands-on assessments becomes ever more difficult.

Click here to access the Primate PhotoMaps